About zPoint Products

zPoint Products makes building automation and home automation accessible for all by creating low cost smart computing devices that cost-effectively enable smart rooms, smart buildings and smart grid.

We’re a sister company of Techsol Engineering Inc., an embedded computer technology company founded in 2012 and located in Delta, British Columbia, which is part of Metro Vancouver, Canada. zPoint Products was incorporated in March 2006 to develop commercial energy saving products, leveraging Zigbee wireless mesh-networking technology. The founding engineering team had been working together since the 1980s and has a long history of delivering cost‑effective mission‑critical embedded smart devices to multiple industries.

zPoint Products was the first company to successfully demonstrate wireless lighting control using ZigBee. The demonstration occurred in May 2006 inside the Zigbee Alliance booth at LightFair International in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Meet the team

Brian Empey

Product Visionary & Domain Expert, UBC

Apoorv Garg

Electrical Engineering, UBC

Ryan Carrusca

Mechatronics Engineering, UBC

Victor Leung

Integrated Engineering, UBC

Peter Edwards

Project Manager, Warwick U

Mila Ranjit

Office and Campaign Manager

Nicole de St Croix

Electrical Engineering, UBC

Brolin Empey

IT Specialist

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